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Airbnb Clone - AirHolidays $399

Lets start your business with Nexcloudz's Airholidays Web Application, Which is Cost Effective and Robust.Own the product, Earn the profit.

Airbnb Clone Short Overview

Airholidays is a web application which is airbnb clone that creates the marketplace which serves booking and listing of rentals.This gives you make business networking oppurtunity which connects users with property to rent with users looking to rent the space.

It Provides the peer-to-peer accomodation market place between the hosts and travellers who are linked through website.

How It Works ?

Users are categorized in to Guests and Hosts..

  • Host list the space
  • Guest Search and discover amazing places
  • Book a stay and confirm dates with hosts and pay it through website
  • Enjoy your holidays

How you earn money with Airholiday?

  • Guest Service Fee
  • Host Sevice Fee
  • Property Listing Fee

Benefits To Buy AirHolidays With Nexcloudz

  • NoUpfront Payment Required
  • Amazing Support
  • Fully Customizable
  • Cost Effective
  • Less Turn Around Time
  • Phase by phase development with estimates for customization.
  • 100% Source Code & Customizable
  • Free Installation

Front End Fetures

Some of the Features that are gonna blow your mind off.Our Application is fully customizable, we will add additional feature based on your needs.Following list will be important base features for all market place.
Responsive Layout

Responsive Layout

Powerful Layout with Responsive functionality that can be adapted to any screen size. Resize browser to view.It is compatible with Mobile devices and prtable devices.

Retina Graphics

SEO Friendly

URL should be customizable to SEO needs.SEO fields like metatile, keywords, descripton should be made dynamically.

Powerful Performance

Google Map Integration

This feature allows user to search the rentals in the google map.

Responsive Layout

Filter Search

we can add number of filters while searching the rentals.

Retina Graphics

Trust And Verification

Email Verification, VerifyId, Mobile Verifcation (manual) services to verify Host and Guest

Powerful Performance

Message Communication

Host and Guest can communicate about dates availabilty and confirmation.

Responsive Layout

Review Management

Reviews to be shared between both host and guest.

Retina Graphics


Custom Middleware enables protection to our application.

Powerful Performance

Payment Integration

Any payment gateway should integrate with out application.

Powerful Performance

Fully Customizable

Our application allows to enhance the functionalities and customize the existing features in future.

Powerful Performance

Unlimited Hosts, Guests, property listing

Our application support to have 'n' number of hosts and guests

Powerful Performance


Allows user to create wishlist and add liked rentals for future reference.It provides quick search for later.

Admin Panel Fetures

Some of the Features that are gonna blow your mind off.
Responsive Layout

Multi-Image Upload

Allows host to upload more images at single time.

Retina Graphics

User Management

Managing Users includes both hosts and guests.Having an option to active, block the user.

Powerful Performance

Property Management

Managing properties Having an option to approve, reject the properties.

Responsive Layout

Fees Management

Host Service Fee, Guest Service Fee, Property Listing Fee included in this module.

Retina Graphics

Review Management

All reviews should be reviewed by the admin

Powerful Performance

Reservation Management

To check the reservation of properties which are booked,canceeled,pending...etc

Responsive Layout

Commission Tracking Management

Managing payment commision to the Host after succesfull checkin anf checkout of host.

Retina Graphics

Payment Management

This module allows admin to send the amount to the Host.

Powerful Performance

Banner Management

Managing Banners

Powerful Performance

Currency And Lanuage

Managing Currencies and Lanuages.

Powerful Performance

Faq Management

Managing FAQ for the website.

Powerful Performance

Setting Management

Entire site basic settings should be configurable from the admin panel

Powerful Performance

Coupon Management

Managing coupons to provide deals and offers.

Powerful Performance

Static Page Management

All content of aboutus,terms,policies should be updated by making changes in the admin panel.

Powerful Performance

Export Functionality

Have an option in evey module to export date to Excel and csv.

Smart Pricing

Includes Free Installion,20 Hours Free Customization, 100% Source Code

Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered a wide range of Questions for your Convenience

Q. How do I begin?

Our Airbnb Clone has built with certain features to prove our skills.we will also do customization as per your needs.You may send your requirements to our your like to view demo then send a reuqest to us and we will set up a demo for you.Otherwise if you have any other queries you will use our online chat.

Q.How about Payment?

customer satisfication is our first priority.No upfront payment required when you buy the script.It should be partial after the set up and you will pay once you got satifies with that phase of development.Payment mode will be Paypal, Western Union.

Q. Is Source Code Free?

Yes,100% source code .

Q. What Technogies we are using?

Our Application is built with PHP-Laravel Framework for server side and AngularJs for client side.We used latest technoogies in the web.

Q. Can I use it for Multiple Domain?

It is for single domain license.If you need multidomain then cost may vary.

Q.What about Customization and Support?

We provide 20 hours of free customization on favour for clients.Because our clients may need some basic changes.If you need any other major change in functionality cost may vary depends your requirements and estimate of cost should be shared with you before proceeding the developmeny.

We provide 1 year free support and updates and maintanence of site includes database, optimizing loading, securing application.

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